“Through the art making process, we connect to our authentic self and ultimately with one another. We open ourselves to the help, loving care, and guidance of Universal source.  We are creating a new life.” - Susan Perkins

The Nexus Dream Weaving project was developed by Perkins for the young women enrolled in the adolescent recovery program at Nexus Recovery Center, Dallas TX.  Nexus tackles vital issues such as anger management, good decision-making, healthy relationships, relapse prevention, physical fitness, and life skills training. Perkins facilitated art making for self-empowerment by providing each young girl a slip of paper of exactly the same size and shape. The girls are then asked to write their own hopes, dreams, goals, wishes and intentions on this strip of art paper.  The identical strips of paper represent how we are all the same, all part of the same fabric, while the varied messages and handwriting illustrate personal uniqueness, the threads that shine through.  We are all uniquely the same.

Each young woman was then given an opportunity to take a turn at the loom to weave their dreams through willowy fiber casting their beliefs to the universe. Susan then wove in very thin gold threads so every girl’s unique hand-written “Belief Paper” would stand out. The resulting compilation communicates unity and harmony through the ritual of self-discovery and represents their own particular contribution and connection to the universe.