Susan Perkins work is as much about contemplation as it is craftsmanship. Her artistic process is one of discovery inspired from her surroundings that is expressed through various stages of creative interpretation. Naturally attracted to the art element of line, Perkins often begins her work with drawings in black ink across a white page and then delicately tears the paper in order to transform it into a new expression, a new beginning.  

Her current body of work weaves urban reflections out of paper and fiber. Perkins draws patterns that are reflected in the windows of neighboring buildings.  She then tears her drawings into thin strips and weaves the strips together with paper twine and yarn on a loom to create works that both represent and embody the interconnected nature of our communities. Communities that are both beautiful and diverse, as reflected in the windows patterns and communities that are torn apart by discord and violence, like the torn paper of the drawings. Perkins' asks us to contemplate our point of view and to note that we live at a pivotal time. Her hope is for us to make conscious decisions and take actions for nonviolence and for us to realize how interconnected we truly are. 

My new body of work is a new language. A language that has always been within; yet I couldn’t hear it until now.
— Susan Perkins