Susan Perkins’ work is as much about contemplation as it is craftsmanship. Her art is clean and simply presented. It speaks loudly in a nuanced way. Perkins clears a path for the viewer to respond from their own context. She starts the artwork yet the audience continues or completes it. Perkins feels that the artwork is the backdrop for a meaningful conversation.

Her work reflects transformation … life is ever shifting to sculpt new forms. Tearing paper and ink drawings reflect her process of reshaping to create new forms. Her current practice incorporates sculpted paper, paper and fiber weavings and impressions of weavings to communicate the interconnectedness of people and place.

She is often inspired by the grid image, which represents the collected energy field we all live within. She believes we are interlinked to one another and interlinked to our environment. If one is affected, we are all affected. If our environment is affected, we are all affected.

Susan Perkins lives in Charleston, South Carolina. She began her professional life in the field of journalism, her creativity blossomed through training in visual & applied arts. After years working in oil landscapes from the natural world, the earlier method of investigation & storytelling made way for engagement in the life of the spirit. Through simplicity and vulnerability a conversation begins.