Inspired by the intricate patterns reflected in the windows of the surrounding city buildings. She delicately tears and shapes strips of Kozo paper and thoughtfully weaves it through strands of Lokta twine or yarn. The interlaced nature of the woven piece represents our interconnection and a never-ending series of turning points. The weavings remind us that each moment is a turning point of opportunity to change our direction for the good of our communities. 




The art of Perkins is rife with contrasts---the brusque or muted collision of sumi ink on white Kozo paper; the unbridled energy of the gestural drawings that are the raw material of her contemplative woven works; the measured intentionality that finally dances with intuition and change.  Abstract and seductively inviting, Perkins' yin and yang creations offer both the spontaneous whoosh of experiment and the paradox of a Zen koan. Steve Carter