Inspired by the intricate patterns reflected in the windows of the surrounding city buildings, Perkins skillfully weaves these shape-shifting forms into extraordinary artworks. She delicately tears and shapes strips of Kozo paper and thoughtfully weaves it through strands of Lokta twine or yarn. The interlaced nature of the woven piece represents our interconnection and a never-ending series of turning points. At any moment we choose to follow one thread or another each leading us in a new direction. Similarly we shape our thoughts, attitudes, choices and actions affecting all that surrounds us. The weavings remind us that each moment is a turning point of opportunity to change our direction, our communities, and our society.

Ethereal silver ink flits down in soft brush strokes skimming the surface of the fine Kozo paper creating a shimmer that conjures a rain-like quality on a glass windowpane. These pieces evoke a contemplative mood, a moment to pause, and a lamentation for loss.