Evening Stars is inspired by observing the surrounding buildings in the evening and the patterns of windows glowing … the stars of the city. Each peice is created from weaving a grid pattern of lokta paper yarn, each grid is painted white onto kozo paper and pulled off to createan impresssion of a building and gold ink for each “windows”.



Perkins paints woven lokta paper grids on kozo paper leaving an bulding-like impressions.  This series ponders what type of society we are building. Her hope is for us to understand that we share life’s journey together and we all have similar desires to construct a safe environment for all. The work expresses her belief that together we can build the kind of communities we desire. 

The paper folds into itself with the grid pattern virtually collapsing in disarray. The crushed paper slowly reopens in undulating motion and the reemerging as a softened shape  representing our resilience.  

Silver ink flits down in soft brush strokes skimming the surface of the fine Kozo paper creating a shimmer that conjures a rain-like quality on a glass windowpane. These pieces evoke a contemplative mood, a moment to pause, and a lamentation for loss.