Perkins' contemplative process allows room for discovery and the opportunity for one concept to flow to the next. When painting her woven Lokta paper grids she becomes aware of the building-like imprint left upon the paper. Susan begins her series of building paintings considering the architecture of our communities. She ponders what our society is building and what our society is perhaps allowing to collapse. Her hope is for us to understand that we share life’s journey together and we all have similar desires to construct ... safety, unity, and acceptance. The work expresses her belief that together we can build the kind of communities we desire and the type of people we wish to become. 

Perkins further explores the building pattern framework along with the alarming possibility of deconstruction and the hope of renewal. The building paper folds into itself with the grid pattern virtually collapsing in disarray. The crushed paper slowly reopens in undulating motion and the reemerging softened shape is changed yet not broken representing the transition and resilience of our communities and how we as individuals and a society can choose order from chaos and to move forward with positive change for the world around us. Together we can we alter the course of senseless violence and build the strong community we envision.